Top 3 UX Trends That Will Dominate The Digital Space in 2021


Web technologies are evolving at a breakneck speed. From designing the website to robust development, providing an unparalleled user experience holds the ground tight for businesses worldwide. 

Herein, we will talk about User Experience Design (UXD, UED, or XD). Often used interchangeably with User Interface (UI), it is quite different & multi-dimensional to bring your audience closer to your product/service across various touchpoints.  

As the digital space is broadening horizons, UX design is turning all the more essential to dissolve the boundaries for enhanced usability, accessibility, and desirability for your product/service. Let’s hop on to fish out three compelling UX trends to dominate in 2021:

  1. Age Responsive Design 

Ever noticed, Netflix asks the age of the user after signup? It’s about personalizing the programming recommendations to make Netflix more acceptable to different users.  

The concept may look at the nascent stage but will take UX up the ladder. 

You might be targeting a specific target market, but what if it’s multiple age demographics? Your website design must adjust according to the user’s inherent capacity. 

From layouts, design, content, or even the functionality must feed to its users’ distinct tastes and preferences – young children, teens, adults, or seniors. 

An Age Responsive Design harnesses the power of hyper-targeting, empowering your online marketing campaigns for sustainable profitability.  

2. Micro interactions Are No Longer Insignificant. 

How often do you count the likes on your latest selfie posted on Facebook? Almost every split second. Well, such is the nerve most teenagers hold on social media! 

We all witness numerous micro-interactions every single day. For instance, an animated chatbox, feedback/rating scale for product or service. Does that ring a bell? They are smart and succinct to take your UX design a long way! We often ignore it, but that’s where UX designers are working! 

It’s in these tiny and often insignificant moments a user and design connect. Often ignored, they can be rewarding to increase user engagement at a very minimal cost. 

3. AI Is Here to Stay 

Artificial intelligence has ushered in some overwhelming transformations in our lives like never before. 

So far, designers have tried their hands on numerous tools and metrics such as usability tests, heat maps, etc. But AI overpowers all of them with objective data and incisive insight into user behavior. 

AI-based systems form deep connections with the users to forge a sustaining relationship. 

In the End,

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