Why business and startups fail? Non-integration of it strategy becomes the most obvious answer


Business entities often build strong  IT strategies to accelerate transformation but keep it separate from their main business models that cause serious strategic blunders.

As businesses and organizations evolve, even a proven and well thought out growth strategy falls out of track. With today’s rapidly changing business environments, company priorities keep shifting and unless overall business strategies are carefully aligned and integrated through revised and updated IT strategies, achieving business goals remains out of bounds.

Many “only online” e-commerce startups strategize and operate with an outdated IT agenda and fail to recognize the importance of e-commerce-solutions-in-India that inadequately supports the business with poor fulfillment and becomes a detriment to the company’s operational capacity resulting in significant financial losses.

Until recently, IT played a secondary role in our business models. However, post covid IT solutions have become more than just supporting tools for data collection and automation and playing increasingly influencing every business aspect more significantly by optimizing resources, workflows, supply chain management, and most importantly the customer experience.

Strategic deployment of high level IT solutions outsourced from offshore-software-development companies and integrated with business objectives can bring substantial advantages through

  • Better Risk Management
  • Improved Business Compliance issues
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction through better products and services delivery
  • Faster decision making with advanced analytics
  • Improved Manpower Productivity
  • Reduced Operational Cost
  • Better synchronization of business processes

As IT is a relatively new phenomenon in the business world, the adoption of the right strategies poses serious challenges to align digital solutions with enterprise goals without investing in an outsource-software-development facility. IT solutions that support business purposes can become the guiding lights at every crossroads of business growth trajectory and many businesses have learned it the hard way and in constant quest for IT and business integration possibilities.


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